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We are experts and we have many years of experience in Barcelona computer maintenance, computer services,
and face-to-face, remote, and monitoring technical support.

The key to our Barcelona computer maintenance service is the experience and professionalism of our technical team and our expert management system

From Gestinet, a leading company in Barcelona computer maintenance, support and IT services with a long experience in this sector, we have a large and professional technical team in constant training, recycling knowledge, which provides our clients with the best advice and experience in order to advise and recommend, in each moment and situation, the best and most efficient solution.

Our Barcelona computer maintenance and computer support services correspond to thr constant, preventive, and resolute services in the customer's facilities, with the aim of preventing accidents and encouraging corrective actions. From Gestinet, we also carry out the monitoring of the servers and users of each client in order to offer more and better control, giving a faster and more effective response in each action and situation.

It's important to note, especially in the outsourcing sector of Barcelona computer maintenance, that all Gestinet computer technicians are experienced professionals located in the province of Barcelona, so we do not use the subcontracting and/or freelance profiles, since these modalities are decreasing the quality of the service and customer satisfaction. So, Gestinet Barcelona only uses its own qualified professional template.

Gestinet Barcelona has one of the fastest response times in the sector regarding computer incidents and computer breakdowns that the client may suffer. Initially, by means of a remote response in order to be as efficient as possible, fast and effective, and the next step is the face-to-face response from our technicians to the client's location, offering in Barcelona one of the fastest responses in the market.

It should be mentioned that in Gestinet Barcelona, we are experts in the Barcelona web positioning, especially in Barcelona Google positioning, essential and indispensable services to capture potential customers who are looking for just what the company/client offers. Obviously, we must first design and plan a tailor-made SEO strategy for each client, maximizing the objectives amd methodology and focusing especially on the conversion, return, and profitability of the investment.

In every Barcelona computer maintenance modality which we offer Gestinet, one of the most important and sensitive aspects that our service manages and ensures is the correct execution of data and system backup of each client, offering various services as a complement and/or improvement of this system of security which is so fundamental and vital for any company nowadays. Comprehensive review of local backups, external backups or removable devices (LOPD), etc.

Barcelona computer maintenance

Our Barcelona computer maintenance offers a maximum response time for incidents from 3 to 4 hours. We currently give immediate response.

Barcelona computer maintenance

All of our Barcelona computer maintenance technicians have at least a High Computer Science Degree in Computer Systems.

Barcelona computer maintenance

We give for each Barcelona computer maintenance client a minimum of 2 direct technicians in order to be as resolute and accurate as possible.

Barcelona computer maintenance

We give the mobile numbers of the linked technicians so that the client can directly contact them and be more resolute and effective in Barcelona computer maintenance.

Barcelona computer maintenance

We have fixed and stable technicians to provide a stable and fast computer maintenance Barcelona service without any surprises or delays.

Barcelona computer maintenance

Our computer maintenance Barcelona customers have a powerful Extranet for the complete management of their service.

Our company has a professional computer technology team with a lot of experience and specialized in the management of networks and high-level computer equipment on any platform, such as Windows, Mac, Linux... We have important and recognized clients, carrying out the comprehensive management of its IT facilities continuously. We have different computer maintenance in Barcelona modalities, depending on the needs and objectives of each client.

All our Barcelona computer maintenance customers have a powerful Extranet in the cloud so they can perform real-time management on this service, such as monitoring of computer incidents, Barcelona computer maintenance service consumption consultation, consultation of digital work bills by computer technicians, remote access, permits... An unique management platform in our sector and developed by our Dept. of programming

As we offer a periodic, preventive, expert, and demanding Barcelona computer maintenance service, we also have other vital services for any company nowadays, such as the Barcelona web design service, always using the web design techniques and methodology more innovative and efficient.

We are distributors and official and certified Partners of the best brands, solutions, and manufacturers of software and hardware at all levels, such as Microsoft, Mac, Ubuntu, Google, Dell, HP, Cisco, etc...

Barcelona computer maintenance, face-to-face, remote and monitored

Our IT technicians perform the Barcelona computer maintenance service on networks, devices, and computer components in person in the customer offices, along with the monitoring of systems and remote response included.
At Gestinet Barcelona, we know and are aware of the importance of a good Barcelona computer maintenance and a proactive and responsible action in this sense, thus avoiding both security issues and obstacles in one efficient management of all the resources of the network, servers and users of each client.

We are the IT branch of our clients

At Gestinet we are a very important and vital part of each client and this makes us more demanding, proactive, and non-conformist. We carry out contracts for Barcelona computer maintenance prevention, repair, and constant monitoring of the computer systems of each client.
We have many years of experience and we have achieved an important customer portfolio with the rigor and professionalism of the entire human team of Gestinet, which places us as a leading and leading company in our sector.

Gestinet, your 360º partner with the best professional solutions

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