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    We carry out the design of optimized infrastructures according to the geographic coverage of the client and their needs in each case.

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    We carry out on-site studies with our specialized technicians and provide optical fiber internet connection solutions for companies, dedicated optical fiber and radio or link

    The hiring of our fiber optic , connection provides you with reliability in the service and proximity to our operator. Our technical team is in charge of the installation and configuration of all the necessary elements, their comprehensive start-up and their management in the event of an incident. We have total control over the service and its elements. We also provide any additional services, such as static IPs or more throughput of optical fiber.

    We have high performance symmetric optical fibers of 300/300 MB, 600/600 MB and 1 TB according to coverage measurement.

    Optical Fiber
    Optical Fiber Gestinet

    Our optical fiber has maximum guarantees in stability and reliability, and is audited by Movistar, which is the operator that certifies our PTR, the supply box for the fiber optic service.

    We carry out studies and projects on customized and/or tailored installations for on-site outdoor cabling, in order to bring fiber optics to any place and situation. These types of projects are carried out under a tight budget and are vital for the client.

    Our extensive experience in the telecommunications sector allows us to offer optical fiber service to companies where conventional operators cannot provide coverage.

    In addition to conventional optical fibers, we have IP/29 for companies that require a specific router such as a CPE, which allows direct visibility at the routing level. This system is increasingly demanded and necessary for multinational companies, whose connections and servers are located outside of Spain.

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    We work with different brands and models, such as SonicWall and Mikrotik, with the capacity to mount VPNs with performance of up to 600MB.

    We are your own brand operator and we have our own expert technical team. We carry out the support and maintenance services to guarantee an optimal service at a very competitive price. In short, we are the first and last person in charge of the service and this ensures that its reliability and stability is guaranteed.

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