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    Cybersecurity Training for Companies: Experience and Commitment

    Cybersecurity education is key to meeting the constantly evolving challenges of the digital world.

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    Learn to navigate more safely for you and your company?

    With our years of experience and a highly qualified technical team, we have decided to expand our mission to guarantee computer integrity, reliability and security. Gestinet presents our new training offer dedicated to cybersecurity for companies. We firmly believe that cybersecurity education is key to meeting the constantly evolving challenges of the digital world, and we want to share that knowledge with companies seeking to strengthen their digital security.

    With a long history in the sector, Gestinet has become a benchmark in computer services, establishing ourselves as trusted partners for companies of all types and sizes. The experience accumulated over the years has not only provided us with deep knowledge in computer maintenance, but has also allowed us to understand the crucial importance of cybersecurity in the current business context.

    Protecting valuable information: an essential topic for Gestinet

    With the rise of cyber threats, protecting business information has become a critical priority. We understand that information is a valuable asset for any company and that ensuring its confidentiality and integrity is essential. That’s why we’re committed to providing in-depth training on how to identify, understand, and address the various threats that could put business data at risk. Some of the threats are:

    • Phishing Attacks Fraudulent emails that attempt to trick employees into revealing confidential information such as passwords or banking details.
    • Malware: Security problems in non-updated programs and systems, which can be exploited by attackers to infiltrate the company network.
    • Software Vulnerabilities: We evaluate the effectiveness of your security policies and procedures.
    • Password Issues: ⁣ Weak or shared passwords, which can give unauthorized access to systems and business information.
    • Unsecure USB Devices: The indiscriminate use of USB devices without adequate controls can introduce malware into the corporate network.
    • Email Vulnerabilities: Targeted attacks via email, such as “CEO Fraud” or other forms of social engineering that seek to trick employees into gaining unauthorized access. authorized or confidential information.
    • Mobile Security Issues:Mobile devices used for work that are not sufficiently protected, leaving business data susceptible to loss or unauthorized access.
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    Benefits of a cybersecurity audit and analysis:

    • Reduction in the Risk of Attacks.
    • Improved Security Awareness.
    • Reduces the impact of a cyber attack.
    • Implementation of Effective Prevention Measures.
    • Quick Response to Incidents.
    • Quick Response to Incidents.
    • Protection of Brand Image.

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    Why choose us?

    • We are cybersecurity experts with years of experience.
    • We have a highly qualified and certified team.
    • We use the latest analysis tools and techniques.
    • We offer a personalized service adapted to your needs.
    • We accompany you throughout the process of improving your security.

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    Gestinet’s training offer: Focused on action and daily improvement

    Our cybersecurity training not only offers theory, but is designed to be highly practical and actionable. Each module is designed to empower participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to immediately implement effective security measures. We firmly believe in empowerment, allowing companies to take control of their digital security.

    We understand that cybersecurity is not just an individual responsibility, but a collective effort. Thus, our training encourages active collaboration between participants, allowing them to share their experiences and knowledge to improve understanding and implementation of safe practices.

    With this initiative, we want to be a guiding partner for companies that aspire to grow and prosper in the current digital environment. With Gestinet, you not only get cybersecurity training, but you join a community committed to security and continued digital success. We look forward to embarking on this journey with your companies, ensuring you are armed with the best digital defenses possible.

    In our cybersecurity training, Gestinet will address crucial topics to protect companies in the current digital environment. We’ll explore everything from identifying emerging threats to practical implementation of security measures, providing a comprehensive look at how to manage passwords, protect information, and ensure secure use of Wi-Fi networks.

    Some of the topics that we are going to develop in the training are the following:

    Using strong passwords:

    Procedures and tools for the creation, implementation and management of secure access keys

    Tips for protecting information:

    Strengthen the security of company data through good practices in our daily tasks

    Tips while browsing:

    We give enough to avoid falling into the multiple cyber traps that we find in daily work tasks.

    Tips for using Wi-Fi networks:

    We usually connect to networks without taking into account how they are configured. Discover how to connect without risk

    Responsible Management of USB Devices:

    Establish policies on the use of USB devices to prevent potential threats such as malicious files and protect business data.

    Email Security:

    Raise awareness about the risks of phishing and provide strategies to identify malicious emails and other email-related attacks.

    Data Cryptography:

    Employ cryptography to protect sensitive data, both in traffic and in storage, providing an additional layer of security.

    Contingency Planning:

    Develop contingency plans to quickly respond to security incidents, minimizing the impact in the event of a security breach or data loss.

    Gestinete, your 360º partner with the best professional solutions

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