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    The key to the success of a virtual store is that in Gestinet we make each project with an unique treatment, with a specific approach for each type, model and sector.

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    We create advanced and tailored virtual stores

    At Gestinet we are experts in the design and development of virtual stores of all kinds, both basic and advanced. We have a great experience in this kind of online projects and we have become, over time, a reference within this sector and scope, getting to perfect models of powerful, commercial, and attractive online stores, pampering and taking care at all times of the SEO facet in each project.

    Virtual Stores
    Virtual Stores

    Our professional team analyzes and creates, in each case, a customized proposal regarding the type of virtual store, like deciding whether making it under a CMS platform or customize it, the online strategy to choose which one best fits the needs and final goals of the virtual store and client, etc.

    We are experts in the creation, management and maintenance of well known and globally used CMS virtual stores platforms, such as Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, OsCommerce and WooCommerce. In all the platforms and cases we offer from the creation of the virtual store to its integral management and the maintenance of both contents and versions and updates in this regard.

    As well as having an optimum Web design, a reliable Computer maintenance service, and a powerful Web positioning, specially Google positioning are vital for any company nowadays, having custom-made IT services and processes also are a vital part of any company, its projection and evolution as a business model.

    From Gestinet, in each virtual store project we develop, we recommend the implementation of an online marketing and SEO/SEM strategy in order to guarantee the success and future of it with traffic and potential customers, always depending on each project, client, and goals to achieve.

    We currently have the management and maintenance of online business models that employ powerful virtual stores with a market and channel for attracting potential customers solely on the internet, demanding and engaging in each project by our professional team.

    A virtual store is the best product showcase in the world

    At Gestinet we fully understand the importance and demand of a virtual store and, for this reason, each project for us is a unique challenge that we like dealing with in a demanding and exclusive way, the objective being developing a project with its own personality and with maximum guarantees of success and future.

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    It’s important that each virtual store has a powerful online marketing strategy

    At Gestinet we are experts in the creation of online marketing and SEO/SEM strategies, always looking for the best results and the constant uptake of potential customers in order to transform them into sales and therefore obtain their loyalty. This way you can achieve, with maximum guarantees, that a virtual store is successful and can survive online over time.

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    Gestinet, your 360º partner with the best professional solutions

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