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    For many years, at Gestinet we have established ourselves as leaders in ERP solutions by being partners of: SAGE,TEN Solutions and EFFICENS

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    Gestinet’s ERP Solutions:SAGE 200, TEN Solutions and EFFICENS ERP

    Gestinet stands out as a benchmark in business automation through its specialized focus on ERP solutions. Our team of qualified and experienced experts offers a unique fusion between market knowledge and cutting-edge technology. The implementation of ERP by Gestinet not only implies efficient automation of processes, but also reflects the experience and dedication of a team committed to taking companies to the next level of operational efficiency. With a sectoral approach that covers various industries, such as commercial, educational or industrial, we strive to provide solutions adapted to the specific needs of each company.

    Gestinet and SAGE have joined forces to offer business solutions. SAGE provides specialized software solutions in accounting and financial management. This collaboration allows companies to access a wide range of services, enhancing their ability to improve processes and adapt to the changing business landscape. With the support of SAGE, Gestinet further strengthens its offering, providing companies with a unique combination of technological know-how and specific solutions for financial success.

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    The Gestinet team, with its experience in ERP solutions, introduces three solutions: TEN Solutions, EFFICENS ERP and SAGE 200, thus consolidating a comprehensive offer. These three elements provide quality in the sector. TEN Solutions stands out for its focus on offering a customizable and agile platform that adjusts to the particularities of each company. On the other hand, EFFICENS ERP is presented as an option for those seeking efficiency and adaptability, making the most of ‘4js Genero’ technology. SAGE 200, as a strategic partner, contributes with its adaptability and its ability to enhance operational efficiency. These solutions reflect the Gestinet team’s vision of providing tools that not only automate processes, but also drive innovation and adaptability.


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    Sage 200 Advanced: A Comprehensive Proposal for Business Growth

    Sage 200 Advanced is not just a business management program; is a comprehensive business control and management proposal designed to adapt to your current needs and anticipate future growth. This solution is presented as the ideal management software for medium and small companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

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    EFFICENS ERP: The Difference Lies in Efficiency and Adaptability

    EFFICENS ERP stands out in the competitive world of business management software for a clear reason: it is designed to work effectively and efficiently, adapting to the specific needs of every business. Unlike other software that imposes a rigid standard, EFFICENS ERP stands out for its capacity for quick customization

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    TEN Solutions: Adaptable to the Uniqueness of your Company

    In the business world, uniqueness defines the path to success, and TEN Solutions understands this perfectly. No two companies are the same, and this solution adapts to the unique characteristics of each one, offering customization tools, configuration and methods to insert custom-developed extensions.

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    Hardware y Software
    Hardware y Software

    Custom CRM for Gestinet Companies

    At Gestinete, efficient collection, organization and analysis of customer information, providing a complete view of their history and interactions. The platform integrates advanced functionalities, such as sales tracking, marketing automation and customer support management, to optimize business processes for all types of companies.
    With an intuitive and scalable interface, our CRM adapts to the specific needs of each company, offering a valuable tool to improve customer retention, increase sales and drive operational efficiency strong>. At Gestinet, we work collaboratively with our clients to adapt CRM solutions according to their needs and objectives, guaranteeing continuous support to maximize the benefits of this comprehensive customer relationship management tool.

    Frequently asked questions about

    ERP and CRM

    What is an ERP?

    ERP, acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, represents a fundamental pillar in modern business management. Beyond a simple definition, ERP is configured as a comprehensive system that structures the core functions of any organization. Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Services and Procurement are just some of the departments that are integrated under the ERP umbrella. Its primary function lies in the optimization and efficient management of these processes, centralizing information and facilitating strategic decision making.

    Who needs an ERP?

    An ERP can benefit a wide range of businesses, from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large corporations. An ERP is suitable for companies that seek to improve visibility and control over their operations, want to make strategic decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data, or companies determined to improve the efficiency of their processes, among many others.

    How to choose the right ERP for my company?

    At Gestinet, our extensive group of specialized engineers, technicians and developers guarantees the adoption of the best personalized technological solution for each project. We have a professional team experienced in consulting, advice and development of ERP projects, addressing everything from implementation to management and maintenance.

    Differences between CRM and ERP?

    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are two types of business software used to improve the efficiency and profitability of companies. However, they have different objectives and functionalities. While an ERP integrates and allows managing all the business processes of a company (finance, accounting, production, inventory, sales and human resources); A CRM simplifies customer relationship management, from prospecting to sales and post-sales.

    Benefits of a CRM?

    A CRM helps you get to know your customers better, improve service, build customer loyalty and boost sales. With the help of Gestinet, you will obtain a complete view of the client, centralizing information and automating tasks, thus improving productivity and decision making. A CRM is an essential tool to grow and make your business profitable.

    Gestenet, your 360º partner with the best professional solutions

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