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    The expert and customized integrated community manager management in social networks

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    The success of a community manager strategy and dynamics in social networks

    From Gestinet, we carry out the consulting on the most appropriate social network strategy, depending on each client, sector, type of service/product…

    Our professional team has many years of experience in managing and consulting on Social Media and Community Manager custom-made strategies for each client, objective of the targeted users, sector, type of service/product… From Gestinet we understand that each case should be analyzed and treated independently and specifically to extract the maximum performance and results in each case.

    We have a team (technicians, programmers and marketing) with experience in the management of profiles in the most important channels and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc… As we indicate, we must adopt a specific and dynamic strategy within the means of saying, displaying, and communicating in each channel in what we call Gestinet Community Manager on social networks. We have been in the role of community manager in the social networks of very important clients in an international and national scale, such as Mc Donald’s, San Remo Perfumeries, La Bolsa de Papel, Pirotecnia Igual, Canals & Munné, etc.

    As a Community Manager in Social Networks, the secret to our success in this type of service is that Gestinet perfectly combines different disciplines that together form a more global, compact and effective solution. On one other hand, the generation of commercial and marketing content through its own and experienced personnel in this field, and on the other hand, the technique and programming through its own personnel as well which knows and manages each channel in a more expert and profound way. We have come to develop custom made solutions using Facebook’s, Twitter’s, Instagram’s and Telegram’s API in order to achieve interaction between these social networks and commercial and customer marketing activities. This can only be achieved by having this variety of resources in the professional team.

    We understand that a powerful global strategy is the conjugation of different facets and functions in the internet:
    – Powerful, understandable, and clear Web design, with a constant SEO content generation, good and well-optimized for Google.
    – Powerful (Web positioning SEO strategy and especially  Google Positioning).
    SEM Adwords “Pay per Click strategy”.
    – And a Social Media strategy and Community Manager on social networks.

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    We create tailor-made marketing strategies and campaigns for social networks

    From Gestinet we know each social network perfectly and what it can bring to our customers. We have developed customized marketing campaigns only for a specific social network, taking full advantage of its potential and reaching potential users in a more direct and efficient way. In some cases, we customize the themed profile for the style book of the advertising campaign, designed to transmit more power and unification of elements, which adds more intensity to the campaign and this affects their results.

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    Key functions like Community manager management on social networks

    In management as a social networks community manager, we highlight the two most relevant functions that can’t be overlooked. One is, obviously, the generation of interesting and original content for users, the development of specific marketing campaigns, promotions, etc … and the other is the important function of virialising and expanding this information together with the interaction with users of this social network, both users of the client’s profile and those who are not, search for new users, internal message management, exchanges with other profiles, etc. Therefore, it is not just about generating and publishing content but to virialize them and to capture new users and collaborations constantly.

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    Gestinet, your 360º partner with the best professional solutions

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