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    Experts in OSINT cybersecurity

    Gestinet provides you with the OSINT cybersecurity knowledge you need to take
    strategic decisions and achieving your objectives

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    We are experts in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

    At Gestinet, we have a team of OSINT experts. Each member brings a combination of knowledge, skills and experience, which allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive and higher quality service. Our experience and success with open intelligence drives us to be at the forefront of OSINT techniques and tools. We invest in the continuous training of our team to ensure that we are always up to date with the latest trends and developments in the field.
    Teamwork is essential for our success. We collaborate closely to share knowledge, ideas and strategies. This collaboration allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive vision and creative solutions to their needs.

    In today’s world, information is power. However, addressing the volume and diversity of information available requires great effort and know-how. At Gestinet we provide you with the knowledge in OSINT cybersecurity that you need to make strategic decisions and achieve your objectives.

    What is Osint with Gestinet

    In Gestinet, OSINT, or Open Source Intelligence, is the collection and analysis of information from public and legal sources such as the Internet, social networks, public records and media. OSINT relies on available online and legal sources, while traditional intelligence may use more secretive or even illegal methods.

    Osint Techniques by Gestinet

    At Gestinet, we not only provide you with the information available online, but we also help you interpret it and convert the information into useful knowledge for your business. We deliver processed and contextualized data, ready to be used in your strategy.
    We advise you on how to use OSINT information to make better decisions, develop more effective strategies and, above all, protect your company.

    At Gestinet, experts in OSINT, we offer you a wide range of services to help you obtain the information you need to make smarter strategic decisions.

    Gestinet OSINT services for companies:

    Background investigation

      • Information collection:
        We look for information in public sources such as social networks, websites, public records and news.
      • Information analysis:
        We verify the information, identify inconsistencies and build a complete picture of the subject.
      • Detailed reports:
        We deliver a report with the information collected and analyzed, including conclusions and recommendations.

    Market intelligence

    • Market monitoring:
      We follow market trends, the activities of your competitors and the needs of your clients.
    • Competitor analysis:
      We study the strategies, products, prices and market share of your competitors.
    • Identification of opportunities:
      We help you find new market opportunities, market niches and emerging trends.

    Competitor analysis

    • Information collection:
      We obtain information about your competitors’ strategies, products, services, prices and customers.
    • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses:
      We evaluate the capabilities and vulnerabilities of your competitors in comparison to your company.
    • Competitive strategies:
      We help you develop strategies to surpass your competitors and gain advantage in the market.

    Online reputation management:

    • Reputation monitoring:
      We follow market trends, the activities of your competitors and the needs of your clients.
    • Sentiment analysis:
      We evaluate the public’s perception of your brand and its products or services.
    • Improvement strategies:
      We help you develop strategies to improve your online reputation and manage your presence on social networks.

    Risk investigation:

    • Risk identification:
      We help you identify potential risks that may affect your business, such as fraud, terrorism or cyber attacks.
    • Risk assessment:
      We evaluate the probability and impact of potential risks for your company.
    • Mitigation measures:
      We help you develop and implement measures to prevent and mitigate potential risks.
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    Why do I need Osint?

    Gestinet’s OSINT service is a vital tool to protect companies by allowing you to identify threats, collect information about attacks, monitor competition to obtain the best cybersecurity techniques for your business. sector and protect the company’s image in the digital world. In short, OSINT allows companies to make strategic and proactive cybersecurity decisions.

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    What tools does Gestinet use for OSINT?

    At Gestinet we use the best tools to search for open sources of information on the Internet. Experience in the cybersecurity sector allows us to collect the most relevant data to protect your company from cyber attacks.

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