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Cloud backup


At Gestinet we offer Cloud Backup services through Microsoft® Azure, providing maximum reliability and security.

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The 100% customizable and escalable Cloud Backup service

Our Gestinet Cloud Backup service is managed by our team of professionals with a lot experience in this technology and in all kinds of custom cloud backup projects carried out for our clients during their projects, done with this powerful, efficient, and scalable (depending on each need) solution.

We currently have designed scalable Backup Cloud plans based on the data volume and any other necessary verifications, but at the same time, we also have custom-designed products that depend on the needs and requirements of each project and client. This machined Cloud Backup service is monitored 24/7/365 meets all the necessary requirements both in compliance with the LOPD and in guarantees on computer security parameters.

We are Partners of the best Cloud solution in the sector, Microsoft® Azure , with the best market characteristics, maximum performance, and security that provides our customers with the definitive and escalable Cloud Backup solution. We can perform from small and specific Cloud Backup projects to large projects for the most technologically demanding customers.

By being part of the Microsoft® Azure solution, we know and advise on the best solution for each project and client, one that is the most appropriate and based on your needs and requirements, from simple cloud backup solutions, to the implementation of demanding and widespread cloud backup solutions. All of these cloud backup services are fully governed and monitored by our expert technicians, to ensure the stability and security of these.

As well as having an optimum Web design, a reliable Computer maintenance service, and a powerful Web positioning, especially Google positioning, are vital for any business nowadays, having an optimal Cloud Backup system is also vital and necessary for any company and its integrity.

At Gestinet we give maximum priority to the security of each Cloud backup solution, designed and implemented for each project and client, reason why we recommend, with maximum guarantees and benefits, the Cloud Backup solution via Microsoft® Azure platforms.

Your data is our top priority

We carry out the advice, design, and implementation of Cloud Backup solutions of all kinds for any type of project and client, from something basic and functional, to more advanced and demanding systems. All your data and information in the cloud 24/7/365 with maximum performance, reliability and security.

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Cloud Backup service, 100% reliable and secure

At Gestinet we have always been concerned about the improvements and technological evolution of this facet which is so important for any company, the realization and integrity of its backups to the cloud, prioritizing the maximum security, stability of the system, and reliability of this one. Today, thanks to solutions such as Microsoft® Azure, they have become platforms that have already been consolidated and proven to work in multiple implementations with many years of experience with these projects, creating success stories regarding the service which was developed by our company in Cloud technology, in this case, security copies in the cloud

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Cloud backup
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