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    We offer advice and management of your business and of all of your data at Google Local Business Center,
    the best strategy to address Google geolocated queries and capture customers in your geographical area.

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    Management and positioning of companies and professionals in Google Local Business

    Google Local Business is Google’s geolocated local business network that allows you to manage each one of them independently with your data, images, timetables, telephone, ratings of other users, etc. and thus allows you to also manage the presence within Google: results in web searches, on maps, as well as Google+ pages. At Gestinet we approach these services through the Google positioning strategy.

    Google allows you to verify and modify all the information displayed on-line to the users and, if it is optimized, its data appears in Google’s results when local searches related to the sector/products/services are carried out, treating the listing of your company.

    One of the biggest attractives of the business listings at Google Local Business is that users can post their reviews/ratings on-line, qualifying the business/company from 1 ★ to 5 ★★★★★. This gives a lot of power to the users and makes the business owners react by ensuring that these evaluations are positive and/or the least negative possible. Gestinet recommends a management and follow-up strategy in order to be able to respond constructively, cordially and positively, a strategy that we normally develop within the service of Web positioning.

    As well as having an optimal Web design, a reliable Computer maintenance service, and a powerful Google positioning SEO strategy are vital for any company nowadays, being present in multiple online channels and achieving a high presence and relevance in them is very important and necessary in order to reach potential customers and achieve image and brand penetration.

    Google Local Business
    Google Local Business

    The power of user reviews/ratings

    As with Tripadvisor, Yelp, and many other participatory platforms, Google Local Business has been able to integrate this review/evaluation feature into company listings, which has forced almost every company to manage and maintain their listing as optimal as possible, because if it’s not done, if you receive negative reviews which are not treated constructively, it can deeply hurt and harm the image of the company.

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    The importance of enriching your business listing in Google Local Business

    From Gestinet we recommend enriching and optimizing as much as possible with images, logo, description, data of interest and contact the whole file, the more, the better. In this way, if you look at the queries that you strategically want to do in Google positioning , you can see the business listing in these queries in the Google search engine, especially in geolocated queries like “Barcelona Computer Maintenance”.

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