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    Get up to 12,000 €, non-refundable, aid to digitalize your company.

    Kitdigital Gestinet

    What is the Digital Kit?

    It is a non-refundable economic aid program, endowed with more than 3.000 million euros aimed at SMEs and the self-employed. The Digital Kit is part of the European Next Generation EU funds.

    The digital solutions it contemplates have to be implemented by a Digitizing Agent and include predefined functionalities and services that have been designed to save you time, costs, and improve productivity and customer management.

    Kit Digital gestinet
    Kit Digital Gestinet

    Who is it addressed to?

    It is aimed at the needs of small businesses, micro-businesses, and self-employed workers, who are part of any sector or business with up to 49 workers. Depending on the number of employees, they are entitled to the following aid:

    • 2,000 € for up to 2 workers.
    • 6,000 € for between 3 and 9 workers.
    • 12,000 € for between 10 and 49 workers.

    kitdigital gestinet

    What solutions does the Digital Kit subsidize?

    Web design kit digital gestinet

    Creation or renewal of the website and improve its Internet presence. Includes web positioning services, domains, and hosting.

    Digital commerce kit digital gestinet

    Creation or renewal of an online E-Commerce store to sell online and thus expand frontiers, markets, and end customers.

    Social Media kit digital Gestinet

    Monitoring, optimization, and maintenance of your social networks with recurring publications.

    CRM  kit digital Gestinet

    Digitization and/or automation of business processes and workflows.

    HR kit digital Gestinet

    Virtual Office services and tools to streamline the tasks and control of workers.

    kit digital Electronic Invoices

    Electronic invoicing creation system for sending and/or receiving in customer portals.

    Computer Security Gestinet kit digital

    Solutions that are implemented to protect the IT infrastructure and its information.

    Gestinet time reservation system

    Systems designed to save time, costs, improve productivity, and customer and service management.

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      I have read and accept the Privacy policy